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During years I have been successful in the sales department to develop sales of the Diagnostics division at PerkinElmer in France and in EMEA region, with a deep focus in the molecular diagnostics market.

With the mutation of the IVD world, as well as to accompany the growth of PerkinElmer, I had the opportunity to expand my experience by developing the market potential of the company.

With a large network, internal and external, I benefit from my years in sales of having a strong experience and knowledge of what’s required to customers and how to bring it. The combination of all of this experience helps to understand market specificities in fast growing segments and business strategies to adopt.

Mes compétences :
Ventes directes
Ventes internationales
Management d'équipe
Support client


  • PerkinElmer - Market Development Manager EMEA

    Villebon sur Yvette 2016 - maintenant Responsible for developing a strategy and framework for assessing EMEA Diagnostics growth opportunities through different regional initiatives, collaborations, participating corporate driven acquisitions and other business development initiatives.

    I am a driver of selected market development projects, to build the EMEA market intelligence especially in emerging markets (Middle East and Africa) and potential new market segments.
  • PerkinElmer - Sales & Service Leader Diagnostics France, Maghreb et Afrique du Sud

    Villebon sur Yvette 2013 - 2016 Responsible for Sales, customer support and technical service over an international organization with different goals.

    Maintaining our leadership position in France, I am in charge to develop the business in French speaking Africa establishing a distribution network for PKI Diagnostics product, and to set-up direct operations in South Africa to establish permanent activities in SADEC region.
  • PerkinElmer - Sales Manager Molecular Diagnostics EMEA

    Villebon sur Yvette 2011 - 2013 olecular Diagnostic is an expending market offering great opportunities and rapid evolution in terms of technology, market et knowledge.

    In charge of the sales and support organization in the whole EMEA region, the goal is to introduce new technologies in the diagnosis strategies of each country. Pushing to move from conventional analysis (biochemistry, cytology), to genetic testing in a variety of fields such as prenatal diagnosis, stem cell, oncology or preimplantation genetic screening. I manage a team of 8 people plus the distribution network, organizing sales, marketing and customer support for 4 major product lines: microarrays, Luminex assay, Fragile-X diagnostics and NA extraction systems.
  • PerkinElmer - Sales Specialist Molecular Diagnostics Europe

    Villebon sur Yvette 2008 - 2011 Responsable de 8 pays pour la commercialisation et la gestion des ressources techniques de la gamme Molecular Diagnostics (puces à ADN et plate-forme de Cytogénétique Moléculaire).

    Spécialiste technique, je m'occupe personnellement des formation et du support auprès des clients. Je participe au développement des produits en travail étroit avec le département de R&D, conduit des évaluations. Poste à haute technicité, plus que commerciale.
  • PerkinElmer - Ingénieur Commercial Genetic Screening France Nord

    Villebon sur Yvette 2007 - 2008 Responsable du Nord de la France (De à Brest à Strasbourg) pour la commercialisation et la gestion de grands comptes au sein de la division Genetic Screening.


  • Université Paris Dauphine

    Paris 2014 - 2016 Executive MBA

    Finance, Marketing, RH, Statistiques, comptabilité, SI, Environnement Economique Européen, Gestion des processus complexes, Développement durable, Sociologie d'entreprise.
  • Université Aix Marseille 2 Mediterranée

    Marseille 2005 - 2006 Immunologie
  • Université Aix Marseille 2 Mediterranée (Marseille)

    Marseille 2004 - 2005 Immunologie et Neurologie

    Master 1 de biologie cellulaire, mention physiologie


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