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« Learner, Activator, Futuristic, Ideation, Input » (from Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 tests).

Presenting me, people say "Swiss army knife" or "Geek, but not only" talking about my Business, Cloud & Technical expertise!

My goal: get benefits from my experience to be the added-value hub between internal teams (sales, pre-sales, marketing, development teams), customers and partners...
Whatever the name given to such hub position I’m looking for (product manager / marketing / expert, evangelist, sales support, SME…), the added value is the only important thing to care about.

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Mes compétences :
Product Management


  • In progress... - Ideator, Innovator, Value adder, Creator...

    2014 - maintenant Very innovative offer to continuously improve organization’s and all levels’ efficiency providing tools to measure decisions’ impact & become responsible, conscious of engagement’s impact.
    A new way to aggregate & use data using significant values easy to understand & compare.
    - Imagined solution; Built presentation documents, pitch, mockup, business plan, logo…
    - Designed / invented functional & technical analysis, UI/UX, use-cases, models, algorithms…

    Project on hold...
  • Pitney Bowes Software - Solution Architect - Southern Europe, Middle-East, Africa

    Levallois-Perret 2013 - 2014 Across all products, my role is to build added value offers to customers, answering their business needs with a vision going forward and projecting them to even more advanced, more efficient, more differentiating ways of doing, adding more value to their business.

    Offers are built from a wide and rich product portfolio: outgoing document and communication management, customer discovery, customer omni channel (both incoming and outgoing) interaction, marketing, localization intelligence, geocoding data enrichment… without talking about products!

    Building offers means: Imagine, Architecture, Install, Build, Demo, Present, Show added value of it.
  • EGain Corporation - Pre Sales Engineer

    2012 - 2013 eGain is Garter's magic quadrant's leader for Web Customer Service providing omni-channel customer service solution supporting social, email, phone (with strong integration with Cisco UCCE), web & video chat, SMS, fax, letter, cobrowsing, web self service interactions… based on a multi-lingual knowledge base.

    I participated to the launch of the French subsidiary, working with large banks and insurances and in-boarding partners.
  • Systar - Product Manager & Product Marketing Manager

    Saint-Cloud 2012 - 2012 Systar is a leading provider of performance management software that enables large organizations to maximize the efficiency of their business operations and IT infrastructure. Systar enables business & IT managers to achieve greater operational agility by delivering the situational awareness and actionable information needed to anticipate events, mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

    I was both Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager for a very innovative and unique new product in the Operational Intelligence and Business Activity Monitoring across all layers of an enterprise: from business to IT. Going far beyond BI and any other BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) OI (Operational Intelligence) applications, my product implements a unique and full bi-temporal database and a code free point'n click only KPI & indicators as well as dashboard or integration configuration.

    1st presentations and project prep to Early bird customers, Key messages, Dedicated presentation, Sales materials, Demo environment, Demo scripts, Pricing and licensing model, Pre-Sales and Sales training…
  • - Platform Sales Engineer, Southern Europe

    PARIS 2010 - 2012 Pre Sales expert activities related to's Cloud Environment: security, privacy, performances, availability, DR, authentication... as well as integration, architecture, configuration (Point'n Click) and developement (with code) capabilities.

    Presentations, workshops, answers to RFI/RFP, marketing events, in-depth presentation days, handovers with PS and partners...

    I work on both CRM and non-CRM opportunities with 17 Sales and 9 Pre-Sales (including Managers) in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.
  • - Sales Engineer

    PARIS 2006 - 2010 Pre-Sales selling both CRM and non-CRM applications on all functional domains (industry, retail, finance, banking...).

    Awarded Sales Engineer in September, 9 months after having joined.
  • Freelance - Consultant

    2006 - 2006 Consulting on architecture and how software can solve business needs: internal architecture of information systems and applications, ASP and very light client deployment (including load balancing and load tests), system virtualization, Open source tools…
  • Starik Hottabych - Organisation and IT consultant

    2005 - 2005 Organization and Technical audit, partly in Moscow. Objective: to get monthly key figures on 5th of next month instead of 20th.
    IT system audit with in depth analysis of existing applications, interactions, data flows and systems.
    Sales, buying and logistic organizations review to define new cost price calculation and new objectives for buyers and sales men according to management’s objectives.
    => System changes proposal including removal of some packages, more efficient data flows, architectural changes and « Quick Wins » to save hundreds of thousands dollars per year with a better business efficiency as initial steps to the new solution.
  • Spiral - Group Technology Consultant / Profit center Manager

    Lyon 2004 - 2005 Reorganizaton & integration in the group of an off-line BU:
    - Sales management (price-list, sales documents, sales conditions, order process...)
    - Move from an oral to a written culture. Team integration in the group: process, communications, tools...
    - New products and product plan definition (Analysis and design of the new back and front office retail package)
    - Creation and development of the users’ club.
    - New main customer group (300 shops) conquest.

    Annual objectives of +20% turn over with growth margin conservation exceeded with +50% realized.
  • Compuware Corp - EMEA Product Line Sales Support Manager

    2000 - 2004 Product Line expertise and support in Europe in charge of 24 Pre-sales in 22 countries.

    Presentations on customer sites and events. Sales support tool building and training on the products (both Sales & pre-sales): «Train, Support, Coach & Mentor» on sales, technical & product aspects.

    Successful launch of a new J2EE product in Europe with highest world wide customer number and best sales results.

    Partners recruitment,training & follow-up.
  • Compuware France - Pre-sales engineer

    1997 - 2000 Pre-Sales on development tools.
    European expertise on JTi (very light client similar to Citrix) deployment, AS/400, Tuxedo and 

Web Services integration with Uniface and Java.
    Active collaboration to world wide sales support team => Internal beta tester for OptimalJ, chosen by the development labs (7 world wide).
    New market conquest (retirement and health insurances).
  • SBIG - Technical Manager

    1985 - 1997 Software house specialized on sales forces solutions, hardware and software.
    Analysis and design of the applications’ general architecture (specific development as well as packages), mobiles, modems, communications and processing servers (multi-tasked systems even under DOS), integration with customers’ main system.
    Recruitment and management of the development team (about 12 developers).
    Presentations to customers, answers to RFPs.


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