En résumé

Passionate, self-starter.
Combining analytical skills and drive to make things happen in fast-paced environments.

15 years of Entrepreneurship. Creation, Development and Take-Over.
12 years of International Development (focus on MEA region).
3 years of Strategy Consulting (McKinsey&Company - Brussels, Paris, Casablanca).


  • One Man Support - Sales Partner

    2018 - maintenant "Fair Consulting", French Leader in Independant High-level Consulting

    One Man Support's objective is to enlarge access to top consultants and interim managers for small companies, SMEs, private equity funds and even large companies that look for higher flexibility and lower price than what is offered by traditional players.

    One Man Support is a community network of top level independent consultants and interim managers available on a flexible daily basis for specific company needs, at an accessible price (daily rate divided by 2 to 3 compared to top consulting firms, and 20-30% lower than interim management cabinets).

    One Man Support profiles offer 3 kinds of expertise:
    - Strategy & Organization consulting,
    - Finance consulting,
    - Interim management.

    All Strategy consultants combine experience in a top tier strategy consulting firm (BCG, Bain, McKinsey, Roland Berger, Oliver Wyman, ATKearney) and operational experience.
    All Finance consultants combine experience in a top tier finance consulting firm (Accuracy, Eight Advisory, EY Transaction Services,...) and operational experience.
    All interim managers are selected for their passed high level experience in SMEs, or larger groups on CEO, CFO, HR, COO, CDO,...functions.

    Willing to talk with us about a need you have?
    Independent consultant or interim manager willing to join OMS pool?
    Reach me in inbox!
  • Brambuk - President

    2017 - maintenant
  • Cirpack - Vice President, International Development, Cirpack

    Paris 2015 - 2017 - ExCom Member
    - In charge of International Development. Portfolio of 10+mioEUR in Europe, Latin America, MEA, South East Asia.
    - In charge of Strategic Alliances, incl. external growth
  • Andrexen (acquired by Cirpack) - Managing Director

    2008 - 2015 • Development and execution of Andrexen Development Strategy in France and abroad; focus on Revenues, Margin and Andrexen notoriety in its ecosystem
     Revenues multiplied by 10 in 6 years; EBITDA from -10% to +20%
     Andrexen laureate of Deloitte Technology EMEA 2010, 2011 & 2012
     Andrexen member of business networks Oseo Excellence & Croissance Plus

    • Development and execution of Andrexen Financing Strategy - turnaround of the company and access to new financing modes
     3 million EUR raised (Investors, Debt, Subsidies)

    • International Business Development – 1 region opened every year
    • In 2015 ; sell-off of Andrexen to a major French Telco player
     Valuation, Due diligence and Sales Negotiations management
  • McKinsey - Consultant

    2005 - 2008
  • KIALA - Business Development

    2000 - 2005



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