Pauline CAZAU


En résumé

Technical fields:
•7 years for a third-party logistics provider which is the logistics expert of the food supply chain in France
•Strong experience in Continuous Improvement and cost optimization for distribution environment
•Expert in distribution, transportation processes and warehousing technologies
•Very comfortable with metrics and Excel (Conditional Formatting pivot tables, Lookups )
•Managed 3 warehouses startups and 1 extension project
•Experienced in SAP and operating software in logistics (WMS, Navision…)

Personal Skills:
•Strong Project Management skills: analytical reasoning, diligence, self-discipline, organizing and communication skills
--> Can handle multiple high level projects (including Budgets) from start to completion
•Highly competent problem solver using a creative and methodical approach
•Teamwork and Leadership

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet


  • L'Oréal - Subcontracting manager

    PARIS 2014 - maintenant
  • L'Oréal - Distribution Manager

    PARIS 2013 - maintenant
  • Staffmark - Performance manager at L oreal USA . Luxury divsion

    2012 - 2013
  • Caudalie USA - Warehouse manager

    2011 - 2011 •Launched in 3 months the distribution warehouse
    --> Recruited picking staff
    -->Designed the lay out and purchased all necessary equipment to ensure efficient and safe operation
    --> Implementation of all the operations (receiving, picking, shipping and returns)
    --> Created reports to analyze inventory level and logistics parameters

    •Set up and optimized WMS solution (Navision)

    •Managed Inventory and daily warehouse operations ( inbound and outbound deliveries)

    •Coordinated shipping according to routing guide with all main retailers and e-commerce companies
  • Stef Tfe - Continuous Improvement Manager

    PARIS 2008 - 2010 •Managed all the optimization projects for 3 platforms with just-in-time distribution ( supplied 50 retail stores, sales : $ 20,000,000)

    •Established cost saving plans (2009: 400,000 $)

    •Performed the logistics optimization:
    -2008: 10% Increase of the productivity by the implementation of a voice recognition process for picking and wireless receipt
    -2009: 5% Increase of the productivity by Implementation of post-composition palletisation for just-in-time picking.

    •Optimized the transportation cost : Implementation of new load planning services for store deliveries
    -Gain 1 : 3 % of sales by improvement of utilization trucks
    -Gain 2 : 6% of the average weight of the shipments

    •Negotiated with the client during annual price reviews in a competitive environment

    •Implemented new logistical flows ( e.g. Shopping online: $ 80,000 sales increase)
  • Stef tfe - Responsable Exploitation

    PARIS 2006 - 2007 •Managed 100 people
    •Implemented new standardized processes
    •In charge of technical maintenance of the warehouse
    •Created new operational monitoring system ( with new Key performance indicators )
    •Coordinated an extension project (+40% of capacities)
    -Shift reorganization, staff recruiting (50)
    -Fitting and optimizing the new surface areas (20.000 square feet)
  • Stef tfe - Responsable Projet

    PARIS 2003 - 2006 *2004-2006: Outsourcing the food supply for French Army ( sales 20,000,000$)

    -Coordinated the national request for tender
    -Implementation phase: Deployment of two warehouses, integration of two IT systems (People Soft and SAP), Implementation of Sales Administration and Supply services.
    -Startup phase: Plan support for the client and the operational shifts, leading the steering committees with IT, STEF and the army.
    -Optimization phase: cost study, calculating the logistics parameters and IT upgrading.
    -Coordinated the logistics operation during the transfer to a new platform (160,000 square feet)
    -Organized process performance measurement meetings: reporting KPIs and improvement cost savings plan.

    *2003-2004: Warehousing optimization

    -Implemented of new pallets management to reduce costs
    -Managed operation activities for the morning shift ( 4am to 1 pm)
    -Optimized picking circuits and racking
    -Implemented KPIs dashboards



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