En résumé

Je suis actuellement à la recherche d'un emploi. J'aimerais poursuivre mes recherches sur la mise en place d'une intelligence artificielle et émotionnelle dans des agents virtuels.

Mes compétences :
Intelligence artificielle
Gestion de projets
Organisation de séminaires


  • Institut Télécom ParisTech - Research Engineer

    2011 - 2016 • Fields of research : Affective Computing, Embodied Conversational Agent, Cognitive Science, Emotion theories, Artificial Intelligence, Serious Games.
    • Create new emotional models for ECA, in Serious Games.
    • Prepare and deliver presentations at various conferences.
  • Cognition & Interaction Lab - Research Engineer

    2008 - 2010 • Fields of research : Integrating Cognition, Emotion and Autonomy in robots (ICEA project); Cognitive Science, Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Biology.
    • Create new models for robot controllers including an artificial metabolism (MFC), a brain model (UML) and a cortical hierarchy (ESN, SOM).
    • Propose new connections between Neurosciences and Psychology, experimented on robots (e-puck) via the 2 Resources problem, the Labyrinth problem and the Iowa Gambling Task.
    • Prepare and deliver presentations at various conferences.
    • Manage an university server for students.
    • Manage a website for an online robotic competition, Ratslife ( with more than 100 competitors through the world.
  • None - Scientific Traveler and Writer

    2005 - 2007 • Organized many scientific meetings in different countries on AI, ALife and future technologies.
    • Organized conferences in France about travels around the world and the world cultures.
    • Worked on Origin of Life, and visited many AI laboratories (12 well-known laboratories).
  • IRIDIA - Researcher

    2001 - 2004 • Prepared a doctoral thesis in Artificial Chemistry and Artificial Life. Obtaining a DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies). Fields of research : Artificial Chemistry, Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence, complex networks, graphs, exobiology, astrophysics, chemistry.
    • Prepared and delivered presentations at various conferences.
    • Publication in M.I.T. Press : Towards the Simulation of Reaction Networks in Astrochemistry.
    • Developed software in Java and UML.
    • Training clients in UML and methodology.
    • Managed a network of 200 PCs for 2000 students and teachers.
    • Supervised student practical work (Java, UML, Databases, PHP).
  • Computer Associates - Consultant

    Puteaux 1998 - 2000 • Provided consulting services to clients including Steria, MAAF, PSA and Paris City Hall.
    • Designed prototypes using UML and Aion.
    • Designed, modelled and developed software using UML, Java and Platinum’s products, Aion & P+.
    • Conducted training workshops on Methods and Artificial Intelligence.
    • Trained clients on Knowledge Base Systems.
    • Installed and managed of TCP/IP servers on Windows NT and Unix.
    • Managed the corporate Intranet.
  • Bull - Developer

    Les Clayes-sous-Bois 1995 - 1995 • Developed, managed and defined parameters for extraction, impression and statistics modules.