En résumé

Le STUDIO est la création de Bruno Moynié, ethnologue et cinéaste.

Bruno et son réseau offrent à ses clients des moyens de recherche ethnographique de haut niveau ainsi que des films ethnographiques de qualité professionnelle à des prix raisonnables.

De par sa microstructure, le STUDIO est réactif et souple, capable de fournir un produit réellement sur mesure. Qu’il soit modeste ou ambitieux, nous abordons toujours chaque nouveau projet avec la même passion, en réunissant l’équipe professionnelle adéquate.

Ses diplômes d’ Ethnologie (Université d’Aix-en-Provence) et de Film Ethnographique (Université de Montréal) et son expérience professionnelle en télévision et en production commerciale font de Bruno un professionnel à part.
Il fait partie des rares ethno-vidéastes authentiques travaillant dans le milieu de la recherche marketing et du design.

Basé à Toronto, Bruno a voyagé partout dans le monde pour réaliser ses films : à travers le Canada, l’Europe, l’Asie, l’Afrique et les Amériques.

Founder of the Studio, Bruno is a seasoned ethnographer and television director with extensive practice in cinéma-vérité film production.

Academically trained in France and Canada, Bruno is well grounded in the fields of visual anthropology and ethnographic film. His experience and his training give him unique capacities to immerse himself in different places and capture genuine human activities from up close. He also has a gift for connecting with and cultivating a highly reliable web of collaborators worldwide that can be called uponfor larger projects.

Bruno divides his time between Toronto, Paris, and the American Deep South where he pursues a life-long personal interest in Blues and Old School R&B.

Mes compétences :


  • ABM Research - Ethno-Cinéaste

    2015 - maintenant Fournisseur de services de films ethnographiques pour une étude pour InBev au Canada.
  • Envirosell - Ethno-Cinéaste

    2015 - maintenant Fournisseur de services de films ethnographiques pour une étude sur "The Internet Of Things" à travers plusieurs villes aux USA.
  • Studio Bruno Moynié - Ethno-Cinéaste

    2013 - maintenant

    “The Taste of the road” Project

    WHAT we eat and HOW we eat is a great “revealer’ of who we are. Food – especially meal time – is an essential part of our lives and of ourselves. Beyond shaping our health and survival, it reflects our values, our means, our desires, our weaknesses or our strengths, and how relate to each other - at home, at work and in society at large.

    The basic idea for this project is simple. My objective was to make a “snapshot” of food realities in a specific region, on the continent where I live in North America, at a given “moment and time”. This moment is the evening meal - whatever its form, its content, or its participants may be. Thanks to a grant from the Arts Council of Ontario I received in the spring of 2013, I traveled from Toronto, Canada (where I currently reside) to Louisiana, in the United States to realize this project . My intent was to undertake a road trip taking me south to my final destination and back up. Along the way, I tried to meet with people, witnessing and documenting their meal routines .

    Armed with nothing but my camera and my laptop, each day I tried to have at least one fruitful encounter. This meeting translated into a video portrait of the meal that was later uploaded on a website created for the occasion. This portrait is being accompanied by a short text about the circumstances of the meeting written in the first person as a diary. The final display of this work showcase 25 households, a juxtaposition of different people, around different meals, from different lifestyles and socioeconomic living conditions. Overall, this project constitute a modest and candid visual reflection on the diversity of people’s daily food/meal experiences in this particular point on the globe...and drifted into a reflection of how still segregated the American society still is.
  • CSA institut de sondage - Ethnographer Filmmaker for a Google Research

    Puteaux 2012 - 2013 Mayssa Chehab
    Product Marketing Manager (Marketing & Insights) at Google
    "I have collaborated with Bruno for a few month on a first time research project. He was responsable to explore a innovative topic using filmed ethnography. Bruno managed to capture on his camera great moments, we never expected to have! They allowed us to have great insights and make the success of the project!"
    May 14, 2013, Mayssa was Bruno's client
  • McGill - Ethnographer-Filmmaker for a research on child nutrition in Ghana

    2012 - 2013 T. Nana Mokoah Ackatia-Armah, PhD
    International Development Professional / Ethnographer

    "Bruno is an amazing ethnographic filmmaker and possesses qualities of a true ethnographer. He is extremely affable, very skilled at his craft and has the incredible ability of putting people at ease even in a completely new and foreign environment. It was a pleasure to work with Bruno in Ghana and I highly recommend him for future projects."
    August 13, 2013, T. Nana Mokoah worked directly with Bruno at Monde Moderne

    Nii A. Addy
    Independent Consultant/Researcher at McGill University

    "Bruno's work speaks for itself. Working with him and other colleagues on an ethnographic film on child nutrition in Ghana was a great experience. In addition to his creative abilities during conceptualizing of the film, his in-depth, practical knowledge of working in different cultural settings faciliated the work that was done. His devotion to the work was evident in his responsiveness while we worked, and made it a joy to work with him on this project!less"

    August 9, 2013, Nii A. was with another company when working with Bruno at McGill University
  • Monde Moderne Ltd - CEO

    2002 - 2015


  • Université Paris 10 Nanterre

    Nanterre 1984 - 1985 Ethnologie Urbaine

    DEA (documentaire sur la communaute senegalaise a Paris)
  • Université Paris 10 Nanterre

    Nanterre 1983 - 1984 Film Ethnographique

    Jean Rouch / Musee de l'homme
  • Concordia University (Montréal)

    Montréal 1982 - 1983 Film

    Graduate in Communication Studies

  • Université De Montréal (Montréal)

    Montréal 1981 - 1983 Anthropologie visuelle

    Maitrise d'anthropologie visuelle
  • Université Aix Marseille 1 Provence (Aix En Provence)

    Aix En Provence 1977 - 1981 Sociologie-Ethnologie

    Maitrise d'ethnologie
  • Lycée Sainte Marie

    Caen 1973 - 1977 BAC
  • Cours Prieur (Caen)

    Caen 1963 - 1970 ecole primaire