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For 16 years, I have been working in helping organizations and peoples on their Empowerment : in Marketing, Sales, Analytics Process Alignment & Transformation, and also for individual people in their personal and professional goals Alignment & Achievement.

In this corporate world, Sustainable competitive advantages are increasingly difficult to attain due to accelerating changes in technology, an explosion in access to information as a result of the internet and competition from developing countries. Companies need to reinvent their economic model while their entire strategy is called into question. Aligning your Organisation around your customer is now more important than ever.

SAP offers me to continue helping peoples and organisations to empower your end-to-end Enterprise with deep customer insight and personalized engagement to help you to stand out from the competition and deliver a relevant experience at every step of your customer's journey. I also choose the most innovative company wich offers me the autonomy to be creative and to express myself in this passionated Human changes challenge.

I'm also passionate in Human Wellbeing understanding and promotion, it's the eason why I'm creating an association on "Education Positive"​ and "Communication Bienveillante" (non violent communication). As soon as the website will be available I will informe you.

Mes compétences :
Gestion du stress
Développement personnel
Gestion des conflits
Gestion de la relation client
Gestion de projet


  • SAP - SAP Cloud Customer Engagement Pre-Sales

    Paris 2015 - maintenant SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software with over 253,500 customers in more than 188 countries running SAP applications – from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small businesses and midsize companies (80% of our customers are small and midsize enterprises) to suite offerings for global organizations (86% of the Global Fortune 500 companies run SAP software).

    My role at SAP consists in identifying, understanding, and defining customer needs in order to organize and deliver high memorable and valuable solution design and demonstration that response to customer challenges.

    Designing the best solution for a Customer mean being able to :
    - Understand Strategic Issues and Business Needs
    - Manage and Organize collaborative work in the SAP Sales Team
    - Empower Customer
    - Participate to Increase sales revenu.

    As a Solution and Process Expert , I'm also involved in Marketing Events to increase SAP Digital Customer Engagement Solution visibility and revenu.

    For more information :
  • Business Owner - Business Consultant (SAP CRM) / Coach / Trainer

    2005 - 2015 The corporate world is presently undergoing sweeping, unprecedented changes. The consequences of these changes for Organisation & Human Capital are yet to be fully appreciated. Adapting to this new set of circumstances is an enormous challenge for Companies, as it is for the employees concerned. Ensuring that teams possess the skills that are essential to the future of the organization; retaining talented individuals and improving their skills; piquing their taste for change and learning; and staying at the forefront of new businesses and new markets… all these challenges require policies designed to acquire and optimize reactive, individual, international skills.

    As a Coach, I provide coaching and training services :
    - To managers and staff to develop the critical skills necessary (Non Violent Communication, stress management, conflict management ...) to generate healthy companies by developing talents and potentials
    - To Project team by helping them to collaborate, develop potentials and be motivated on a common goal.

    As a Consultant, I provides strategic consulting, application services on main Industries. I help customers achieving results by identifying business critical issues and implementing the right customized solutions. My main purpose is to help you in implementing your Customer Relationship Management and Business Decision projects.

    Mission : AMOA & AMOE on SAP CRM Project, Functional Team Management
    Main Domain : Business Process analysis and conception, Business Requirement Detailed Specification,Solution Design, Solution Customizing, Solution Testing , Solution Deployment, Training
    References example : Globe Project at Nestle France/Belgium (3years) :Nestlé Grand Froid (Live 2005), NESTLE France (Live 2006), Nestlé Purina (Live 2006), Nestle Waters (live 2008) ; Fenwik (Live 2012), Elis (1 year mission),
  • SAP France - Business Solution Architect

    Générales :
    - Conception générale et détaillée d’un projet CRM, méthodologie ASAP
    - Conduite de Projet dans des contextes internationaux (Corée, USA ,FR)
    - Implémentation des solutions CRM/BW

    Domaine d’expertise SAP certifié :
    - CRM Analytique (BW + Data Mining /SEM BPS)
    - Marketing and Campaign Management (CRM)
    - Trade Promotion Management (CRM/BW/SEM)
    - Customer Interaction Center (CRM)
    - mySAP Portal (fonctionnel)
    - POS Data Management (BW)
    - Sales and Distribution (SD) 1° niveau
    - Retail (R/3 IS Retail) 1° niveau

    Mission : Business Solution Architect (avant-vente)
    Dans le cadre de la promotion de l’offre My SAPCRM, le Business Solution Architect supporte les Commerciaux dans leur cycle de vente

    Ref : Schneider; GDF ; STM; Edition Atlas; SPIR Communication, LVMH ; Guilbert ; Lyreco; Séphora; L’Oréal , Telemarket, Aelia …

    Champ d'Actions :
    - Recueillir et analyser les besoins des prospects/clients
    - Préconiser une solution et Réaliser des Proof of Concept Clients
    - Démonstrer la Business Value de la solution
    - Animer le réseau partenaires et Participer à la promotion de la solution

    Mission : Responsable Fonctionnelle et Consultante
    Conception générale et détaillée d’un projet CRM ; Conduite de Projet, Implémentation des solutions CRM/BW, Formation

    Ref : Samsung, Waters, Nestlé, Danone, TFE, STM …

    Champ d'Actions :

    - Analyser l’existant et Définir, Formaliser l’expression de besoin Client sur les sujets comme le : « Marketing Opérationnel » ; « planification et suivi budgétaire » ; « analyse marketing opérationnel » ; « Sales Force automation pour les commerciaux terrains » ; « centre d’appel »
    - Animer des ateliers métiers et Réaliser des macros processus cibles
    - Préparer et animer des formations utilisateurs métiers
    - Piloter le recettage et le déploiement projet



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